The Cosby Comments Show

Even in the dog days of summer, a Drudge link remains fearsome.

TheWrapGloriaAllred_08_13As anyone who has been on the receiving end of a referral from The Drudge Report knows, there is nothing quite like an incoming stream of Fedora-tipped commenters. Even in the dog days of summer.

Case in point – TheWrap’s quick-post coverage of Gloria Allred’s Thursday press conference in Los Angeles, during which the attorney introduced three more Cosby accusers. The item wound up at the top of the Drudge page, above the name plate. Here’s a small sampling of the 1,200+ resulting reader comments, bearing in mind that a great majority cannot be reprinted here because of their more overt racist and-or sexist tone:

EEDDGGY1776: To all the people concerned with Cosby… Obama has screwed 300,000,000 plus.

Chingpei: With Tiger Woods money Gloria upgraded from a rundown condo on PCH to a townhouse on the beach… Think of the upgrade she must be planning with the Cosby payoff.

Pava Kava: First one is lying… Cosby “turned pale”…He is black… How he could “turn pale”?!

TheWrap seems to have decided here to let the comments flow, unfiltered. A devil’s bargain which is essentially one of two options for news sites. The other – hands-on moderation – is labor-intensive and tends to generate additional work in the form of infuriated reaction. Drudge readers do not like to be censored or edited.
[Photo by: Pamela Chelin, via TheWrap]