Bill Clinton = Condé Nast Traveler’s 20th Anniversary Cover

0815billclinton1panel.jpgBill Clinton just snagged the cover of Conde Nast Traveler‘s September issue. Apart from his work on Hillary Rodham Clinton‘s 2008 campaign and his public speaking work, Clinton has been active in outreach/publicity work for NGOs. The magazine’s angle for their cover piece is the ex-President’s work with the Clinton Global Initiative. There’s an extensive interview with Clinton about his views on American foreign policy and the third world (and strangely little about Hillary’s campaign), but we were happy to see that he’s adjusting to New York just fine:

“But you know in Arkansas, in my native state, in the northwest part of the state, which was overwhelmingly white Protestant, the fastest-growing group of citizens there are Hispanics, and many of the Catholic churches in northwest Ark now have two masses. They have a Spanish mass as well as an English mass. If you go to North Carolina, where there were always a lot of African-Americans, the others were basically Scots-Irish white people, and now they have a huge Hispanic population. If you go to Queens, in New York City, which used to be primarily an Irish-Italian borough, and then the African-Americans came in, now there’s a massive infusion of Asians, both from East Asia and from South Asia. I went to an event for Hillary the other night. It was an Asian event, and everybody was from Queens. There’s a whole culture center there. There are different Asian shops and a shopping center and a big restaurant and a big public-events room, and all that kind of stuff.”

Also, Conde Nast is shelling out for a triple-gatefold cover for the issue, which has 288 ad pages. Pic of the gatefold cover after the jump.

— Neal Ungerleider