BIGMAN Entertainment announces BIGMAN Slots for Facebook


Start-up social game developer BIGMAN Entertainment has announced the limited availability of its new casino game on Facebook, BIGMAN Slots. The game is now available in five countries: Canada, Sweden, New Zealand, Singapore and United Arab Emirates, and gives players a chance to take a spin on wheels designed with “RPG mechanics.”

In each of the game’s rooms, players can customize their bet per line and number of active lines per spin, and can tap on their space bar to rapidly spin without using the mouse. Each machine comes with a different theme, from Luxe Lane, which focuses on luxury and fancy living, to Twin Peaks, which sees players making matches related to winter sports.


Outside of the slot machines, a BIGMAN Class separates players based on ranking and the number of “BIGMAN Points” they’ve collected. As players advance through five stages of classes, they’ll receive bonus coins for completing tasks like inviting friends, interacting with items on the game’s fan page or sharing posts with their friends. A “High Roller” VIP area is also slated for future addition to the game.

BIGMAN Slots is planned for a global Facebook launch later this year, and will come to mobile devices after that. BIGMAN Entertainment has already announced plans to release “many upcoming social casino titles” in the future.

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