Big Fuel: The Perfect Company For Daytime Television Watchers?

Thanks Big Fuel! from Big Fuel on Vimeo.

New York-based Big Fuel’s new recruitment video looks like the kind of thing that would come on between Maury and The Price Is Right, but the message is much better: instead of selling paralegal certificates, Big Fuel wants you to come work for them.

The video claims the agency is hiring in all areas, including client services, creative development, analytics, and basket weaving (though we suspect you might want to leave your crafty skills off the resume, regardless). But it’s true, there are a lot of open jobs. Many are based in New York, but some are in Detroit (Big Fuel is the agency of record for GM) and Seattle (Microsoft’s a client).

You want to be a copywriter? Community manager? How about a job where you make Powerpoints? Good luck!

(H/t AgencySpy)