Big Brother Camera Security: Take Photos of People Messing With Your iPhone 4

Here’s a clever free app for the iPhone that is very interesting despite a big hole that the developer points out himself.

Big Brother Camera Security

The app uses the front facing camera of an iPhone 4, 4th generation iPod touch or iPad 2 to take a photo of the person holding the device when a passcode is entered. This happens whether the code is entered correctly or not. An email is sent with geo-location information and a photo of the person who used the app.

The hole in the system is lock code only locks the app and not the entire iOS device. Tapping the device’s select button bounces out of the app. However, the app takes a photo on its way out and sends that information to the owner via email. The bigger hole is that you need to remember to leave the app running in order for it to do its work. Putting these two issues aside, the app’s price is right: Free. And, I hope Apple considers integrating some of its features as part of its own lock screen and Mobile Me Find My iPhone service.

Video courtesy of danielamitay

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