Beyonce Voters Get Their Own Tumblr and It’s Pretty Great

Who run the world? Girls.

beyonce votersIn its continuing coverage of the ladies, Fox News’ Jesse Watters has discovered a new political demographic. They are the Beyonce Voters, and these “Single Ladies” (get it?) are all up in arms about the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision, not because they are concerned with women’s health. No. It’s because “[t]hey depend on government because they’re not depending on their husbands.” That’s a direct quote; words that came out of this man’s mouth on national television as he sat on a couch surrounded by women who giggled nervously when he vomited this out of his mouth.

“They need contraception, health care and they love to talk about equal pay, ” he continued.

It should be noted that Watters later defended these remarks after he came under fire, saying that single women depend on government assistance more than other groups and Hillary Clinton needs to fire up these women so they’ll vote for her if she runs for president. Moreover, while talking to Bill O’Reilly, they both expressed the opinion that the backlash to this BS is because Beyonce’s name is involved. For Watters, it’s just one huge lump of fail.

But smart women never miss a chance to show how fabulously clever they are. So we have the Beyonce Voters Tumblr. And it is great.

Created by a 20-year-old Harvard senior, Sarah Coughlon, the site pairs images of women of influence — Hillary Clinton, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, the female Justices on the Supreme Court — with Beyonce lyrics. These two are particular favorites of mine.

What it does so effectively is take something that is so offensive and ridiculous and make it a positive, demonstrating in glaring terms why Watters is wrong, wrong, oh so wrong.

“I was so annoyed by the comment on Fox: does nobody realize that young women are voting liberal for non-trivial reasons?” Coughlin told The Huffington Post. “God save our Queen Bey, but health care and equal pay for equal work are a little more concrete and serious than the hook on ‘XO.'”

From a political standpoint, it’s just one more thing that Dems can use to illustrate the GOP “war on women” that has become such an effective message.