Beware of Pinterest Spam!

McAfee is warning that hackers have created “toolkits” that allow people to quickly and easily create pins or images that actually facilitate malware distribution and the spread of other forms of spam. Requests to repin before content is delivered is usually a sign that something’s up. Bloomberg has gathered some cautionary tales.

With the skyrocketing interest in Pinterest, it’s no surprise that some would try to capitalize on the popularity with a scam. This in-depth infographic offers up lots of info about who’s using Pinterest. Note that PR is number six on the list of audience interests for those on the site. (We excerpted that part in the image above.)

To further expand on its popularity, Pinterest began a search earlier this month for people who can translate content into a number of languages, including Spanish, German, and French.

But, as with all digital technologies, users must keep an eye towards maintaining the integrity of the content that’s being posted. So be warned!

For those that are still trying to get up to speed on how to use Pinterest for marketing purposes, we’ve attached a video that outlines some best practices. And PR Daily has got a few Pinterest tips specific for PR.

[h/t VentureBeat, video h/t to SocialTimes]