Better Know A Media Org: ASNE

We’ve compiled as many professional organizations as we can find in all the disciplines that mediabistro visitors work in, and will be featuring one a day til we run out. We’re going in alphabetical order so nobody feels slighted, but if we skipped your favorite group by mistake, please let us know.
ASNEToday: American Society of News Editors (ASNE; formerly American Society of Newspaper Editors)

About the organization:

The American Society of News Editors is a membership organization for daily news editors, people who serve the editorial needs of daily newspapers and certain distinguished individuals who have worked on behalf of editors through the years.

To join, you must:
“Persons of suitable qualifications who are directing editors having immediate charge of journalistic policies and operations of daily newspapers, or wire services and other organizations that gather and publish information for daily newspapers, which, in the opinion of the directors, shall have attained adequate journalistic standards, are eligible for membership.” Weekly newspaper editors aren’t eligible to join.

You’ll get:
Access to the ASNE annual convention

And for that, you’ll pay:
ASNE charges based on the size of the member’s paper.
Greater than 50,000 circulation – $675 annual
25,000 to 50,000 circulation – $625 annual
10,000 to 25,000 circulation – $375 annual
Less than 10,000 circulation – $195 annual
Retired member – $155 annual
All Others – $675 annual