BET Awards to Lionel Richie: ‘Say You, Say… Who?!’

lionel richie good

ICYMI (and by the look of the national ratings, you did), the BET Awards have come and gone. At the annual affair, the once-all-music channel gave a Lifetime Achievement Award to the inimitable Lionel Richie.

To the kids in PRNewser-ville, the guy is so much more than the father of that girl who was BFF to a hotel heiress. This is a man that has been sangin’ his tail off since he was the lead vocalist of The Commodores in the 70s.

“Easy,” “Still,” “Brick House,” “Three Times a Lady,” “Zoom,” and so much more to make your mix tape the bomb (dot) com. Lionel is a legend in music. Seriously fabled if you consider the hits he has written. And to honor that amazing career, BET did this… 

lionel richie

That’s right, soul and funk balladeers and lovers of good R&B music: R-I-T-C-H-I-E.

Who in the name of blue funk is Lionel Ritchie?! The production crew of BET had all year long to get this one right. Honor the guy with his music, his memories, but go ahead and hire someone who needs hooked on phonics to write his name on live TV?

#PRFail, yes. #GrammarFail, even more.

Half of the program was dedicated to the guy — someone whose name was even spelled right on the creative collateral and banners hanging from the rafters. And then, some jackleg fool forgot the spell check among all those CDs on his or her desk for reference.

Of course, Lionel spoke with grace and dignity during his acceptance speech:

“I have a little motto that I use and I’m going to pass it on to the artists today. Soul is a feeling, not a color. Talent is a God-given gift and not a category.”

Yes, talent is a God-given gift. Amen. But spelling skills?