When Is The Best Time To Tweet?

For me, it’s 2.45pm.

This is a service provided by WhenToTweet.com, and it works by simply analysing the time in which your followers are most active. Simply enter your username and away you go. No password or authentication needed, but it can take a few minutes to crunch your numbers, depending on how popular you are.

For me, this is all GMT, of course, as I’m in the UK, and that makes sense because from 2pm GMT the US audience (which make up a large part of my followers) start to become active on Twitter as they wake up – 2pm GMT being between 6am and 8am in the USA, depending on which part of the country they’re in. Moreover, it’s also when a lot of UK and European followers will have returned from lunch. End result: most (if not all) of my active followers will be checking out Twitter at this time.

Although if you look at the chart it’s actually pretty much anytime between about 2pm and 9.30pm. Which is nice to know.

Of course, often this stuff is more art than science, and you could argue that it’s more important having the right people reading your content, inasmuch as influencers and power retweeters, and they might be active at a completely different time.

And because of how this works if you’re also in the UK then I’d imagine your chart will be similar to mine. But wherever you are, if maximising tweet exposure is important to you then this is worth a look. After all, a little experimentation with when you send out your most important stuff could really pay off – especially if you’re currently scheduling your tweets at completely the wrong time.