Best Press Release. Ever.

07jcougar4.jpgThis missive arrived in our in-box, promoting the blog

An Open Letter To Saturday Night Live


Debbie Nigro, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Girlfriend of First Wives World, wants the Producers at Saturday Night Live, to know that she doesn’t like the word “Cougar” because it denotes “Bimbos, Floozies, Older Women who can’t attract men their own age.”

In case you didn’t know it, Saturday Night Live has an ongoing “Cougar” skit, starring Cameron Diaz, that is quite funny and cutting edge.

However, the head cheerleader of the 30 million women in the United States who are transitioning through divorce is quick to point that times are a-changing.

“Separate/divorced women nowadays are reinventing themselves, exploring new options,” explains Debbie. “Older men who are leaking testosterone are more often in search of arm candy to validate their masculinity. Younger men, who can hold up their end of the stick, seem to find us fascinating. Who are we to discourage them?”

Debbie warns SNL that they are on to something big. “The ‘Cougar’ trend is about to pick up speed … but for the record, they all don’t look like Cameron Diaz.”

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Debbie is available for interviews when she is not picking up her boyfriends at their parents’ homes.