Ben Greenman Introduces 3*TYPE, the Future of Print


Friends, we have seen the future of both typography and the whole print medium and we have to tell you, it is glorious. “Are you talking about the iPad or something?” you ask “Bah!” we scoff loudly (maybe too loudly, sorry). No, we are talking of the new 3*TYPE technology. Author and New Yorker editor Ben Greenman has taken on the roll of spokesperson for the company who is set to shake up all we know and completely revive the ailing medium of print, and made the big announcement on McSweeney’s. You’ll definitely want to read the whole thing, but here’s just a taste of the future:

Powered by revolutionary stereoscopic typography developed exclusively, this new technology will usher in a heretofore unimagined era in reading. This piece, the first ever printed with our proprietary 3*TYPE process, should serve as both an introduction and a primer. You may notice that certain words words are printed twice twice, first in roman and then, immediately afterwards, in boldface. You may also notice the offer, at right, for a special pair of glasses glasses. Order them — or, if you have them already, remove them from their plastic casing and put them on; you will notice that when viewed through these glasses, the doubly printed words appear to leap leap off the screen screen.