Ben Bernake Takes A Break, Joins Facebook

So when Ben Bernake isn’t in meetings discussing how he plans on running the entire economy, what does he like to do? According to a Washington Post article out yesterday, he likes spending time on Facebook. While the article leaves room open for the profile being a fake (my guess it is as I can no longer find it), there are many items in the profile which have similarities to the actual Ben Bernake. The dead giveaway that it’s fake?

Well there are actually a few. The profile listed his activities as “maintaining economic data, giving speeches, economic analysis.” His interests are “reducing inflation and stimulating growth.” Finally, his favorite quote is one of Alan Greenspan’s: “I guess I should warn you, if I turn out to be particularly clear, you’ve probably misunderstood what I’ve said.” The profile appears to instead be the work of a college student looking to have a little fun rather than the actual person in charge of running the U.S. economy.

We all need a little break from our day jobs though, right? There appear to be a number of fake celebrity profiles on Facebook though. There are over 20 Paris Hilton profiles, 11 Angelina Jolie profiles, 30+ Brad Pitt profiles and more. Facebook is known for shutting down fake profiles so I’m somewhat surprised that there are that many fake celebrity profiles. Then again with more than 250,000 profiles (and probably 300,000 at this point) set up per day, a large percentage of them must have fake information in them.

Have you befriended Ben Bernake on Facebook? Do you have any other celebrity friends?