Behind the Scenes at Yanko Design


A terrific story over at the Guardian about Takashi Yamada and the meteoric rise of his concept/product design blog Yanko Design. If you aren’t familiar with his site, you clearly don’t know how to use the internet correctly. We’ve long been fans, even celebrating the day they finally decided to relaunch after a much too long hiatus back in 2006. And who doesn’t love a “guy has a good idea and makes it big” tech story? It also hints at the power the site yields in taking what were once just concepts into actual, buyable products:

“Form beyond function” provides a playful counterpoint to the orthodoxy of the 20th century, where “form follows function” and “ornament is a crime” were the slogans underpinning the Bauhaus-style modernist approach to design. But judging by the number of readers of Yanko Design who say they want to buy some of this stuff, you can go a bit too far the other way.