Behind the Scenes at RISD Designing Cardigans for Gap

Following their collaboration with Threadless back in November, our friends at the Rhode Island School of Design dropped us a line to let us know about their most recent project: designing cardigans for Gap. The clothing retailer asked the school to come up with something new and interesting to do for a limited-edition run, giving a very open guideline of just “keep them wearable.” So the students and faculty got together, used materials like beads made from recycled paper, vintage lace, and something called tulle (which we had to look up — turns out it’s a kind of “lightweight, very fine netting”). In the end, Gap has produced a small collection of their designs, thirty in total, and have put them up for sale at just their location in New York at 54th and 5th Ave. They were nice enough to pass along a couple of photos of the whole process, which you’ll find here and after the jump.