Becomed Becomes Better

Early this year, we posted about, a cloud-based CRM for your job search. It organizes the resumes you send out and reminds you when to follow up.

Becomed has added a number of features since we first mentioned the site. It’s added statistics, for one, so you can see which version of your resume has landed the most in-person interviews, for example. Also: mobile, iPhone and smartphone versions, “next steps” e-mails delivered daily, and an events calendar to track all the networking breakfasts, coffees, and happy hours you go to. You can even print a “job application dossier” (really just a list of all the steps you’ve taken for each job) to bring with you to an interview, so you can remember, say, that it was your ex-coworker Steve and not your aunt Dee who recommended you for this position, and that oh yes, this is the company that has failed to answer their phone three times for that phone interview so you shouldn’t be surprised when they stand you up for the in-person talk.

Here’s that statistics page in action on our dummy account: