Become a Rockstar or Playboy Model With Social Media

Want to become a rockstar? Perhaps you want to pose nude in Playboy. Whatever your dreams and aspirations are, social media can help you get there. In the past few days, I’ve received multiple press releases surrounding individuals becoming the next star. Recently, Jason Calacanis held the Mahalo Daily VLOG Idol competition.

Last week Alicia Keys decided to outsource the search for her backup singer to MySpace. You can go check out her MySpace page for details. Playboy also announced last week that they have outsourced the search for their 55th playmate via YouTube. I took a look at the responses so far and they are pretty entertaining.

Outsourcing the search for talent to social media can be a big gamble. Jason Calacanis for instance received a number of submissions via YouTube but none of them were selected. Instead they decided to do in house auditions. After 1 month and over 62,000 views of the Playboy Playmate search, there have been only 4 responses. My guess is that Playboy will have to look for a new source for their search.

While I think social media can be a good source for finding talent, the best talent search still requires in person auditions. Just listen to the top performers on MySpace karaoke and you’ll quickly notice that it is still difficult to judge the quality of their singing due to effects and the quality of the microphone the singers choose. There are very few examples of people that have made the jump from social media from prime time successfully. Do you know of any successful examples?