Bear Market: Winnie the Pooh Sketch Sells for $50K

pooh shepard.jpgTut tut, looks like we should have invested in Winnie the Pooh drawings rather than those “progressive financial instruments” that just last year the nice men in suits assured us were “exceptionally well-designed.” Earlier this week, famed illustrator E.H. Shepard‘s original pencil sketch of Pooh, Piglet, and Tigger sold for £31,200 ($49,530 at current exchange rates) at Bonham’s in London. The sale price, which includes a 20% buyer’s premium, was double the auction house’s pre-sale estimate.

Sold by Shepard’s family, the undated sketch is an enlarged and expanded version of Shepard’s illustration “Tiggers don’t like honey,” which appeared in A.A. Milne‘s 1928 book The House at Pooh Corner. In the sketch, we find Milne’s three characters seated at a kitchen table. Tigger appears bewildered and rather appauled by Pooh’s lack of table manners, as the bear greedily digs into a honey pot. (If memory serves, Tiggers preferred amphetamines.) Now it’s off to Germany for the trio, as the drawing was purchased by a collector there for his wife, a longtime fan of Winnie the Pooh. Want to get in on this bear market? Sotheby’s has just announced its December 17 sale of “the finest single collection of Shepard’s original drawings for Winnie the Pooh books to come to auction.” All we ask is that Eeyore not be marginalized; the poor guy has enough problems.