Beantown Air Kisses

The Boston Globe takes a hard look at Jason Binn‘s latest book, Boston Common, and examines the “symbiotic” nature of his advertising and editorial content. “Binn is credited — or reviled — in the publishing industry for inventing a new genre of journalism: a national, controlled-circulation magazine chain for rich people.”

“Like many fashion or bridal magazines, Binn’s books blur the supposedly sacrosanct line between advertising and editorial content. ‘The merging of product placements into editorial has totally shaken up our business,’ says Jon Marcus, editor of Boston magazine, which will now compete with Boston Common. ‘It’s the wave of the future in advertising.'”

The look is, perhaps, more harsh than it deserves. Jason’s uber-celeb magazines have never claiming to be the Atlantic Monthly or the New Yorker. They offer, in the famous words of Jon Fine, “content like air kisses.”

We should note Binn was so proud of that article that he had it reprinted and sent it along shrink-wrapped along with his latest issues of Gotham and Hamptons.