Be Part of the Fan-vs-Fan Action with Diesel:U:Music's 'Stupid for Music Cup'

Do you get stupid over music? Diesel is hoping you do, and that you’ll want to show off just how stupid you can be. Diesel:U:Music’s Stupid for Music Cup pits fan against fan to determine which band has the most absolutely bonkers, crazy, stupid fans out there. Fans are asked to pledge their allegiance to their favorite band, and perform challenges in a social music network of other fans willing to do stupid things for the bands they love. If you’re a die-hard fan of a band you think deserves global recognition, read below the jump to find out how you can help propel them to international stardom.

Diesel:U:Music is a yearly music award for unsigned bands. Celebrating its 10 year anniversary, Diesel:U:Music has created a revamped social network for musicians and music lovers with a “Stupid for Music” Cup competition as its inaugural event.

The network itself offers musicians the ability to connect to their Facebook, MySpace and Sonicbid profiles and sync them with their Diesel:U:Music profile. Fans can also sign up, and explore new music from artists they love, monitor the Stupid for Music Cup competition, and become part of the action by signing up as a fan for their favorite band.

Diesel:U:Music encourages bands to sign up and create a profile that acts as a hub for their fans. They can promote the contest during shows, on their MySpace, and by word of mouth to get more fans to sign up and pledge to do “stupid” stuff for them. The top 32 bands with the most stupid fans by September 23rd will qualify for the Cup, pitted against 32 bands that are selected by Diesel:U:Music staff.

The competition offers winning bands studio time, video production and a custom tour van, while fans can win stereo equipment, a home entertainment system or Diesel gear.

We’re not quite sure what kind of stupid stuff Diesel is going to ask fans to do for their bands, but it’s bound to offer up some good photo ops.

This music competition is interesting in that it is not about the bands or the music – it’s about the network of fans that a band can muster. So that indie band that plays at the local blues club every Thursday night has as good a chance as the one with a PR team and air time, as long as they can rally the troops.

Building a social network around music is nothing new, but Diesel has created this network for a specific purpose, rather than for general engagement. The goal of getting fans to sign up and show their support for bands within a relatively short time frame will no doubt garner lots of new users for Diesel:U:Music – time will tell if they stick around after the Stupid for Music Cup’s finished.