Bayer Takes Home 7th Win, Suspicions Are Raised


We know what you were all thinking yesterday while you were in the middle of recovering from the revelry the night before. It was, of course, “Holy hell! Did Bayer win yet another Tournament of Roses trophy?!” The answer is yes, their seventh in a row and the third time they’ve won the top honors. Do we think, like with baseball’s doping allegations, that there is some sort of underhanded trickery involved? Yes, we do. And we will not rest until we get to the bottom of it. Or at least until we move onto something more interesting. Ooh, look, a bird!

Bayer Advanced has won a Tournament of Roses trophy every year since 2001, when it first entered the Rose Parade. This is the third year Bayer Advanced has won the Queen’s Trophy. “A seventh consecutive trophy is an incredible honor and beyond our wildest expectations,” says Bayer Advanced Head of Marketing Mark Schneid. “Phoenix Decorating’s design and floral teams deliver year after year.”

If you’re interested in more float design for the parade, which is always pretty impressive when you stop to take a look, here’s the AP’s report on all the winners. No photos, but you’re good with the Google, right?