Bay Buchanan Disgusted With Political Media

As it has recently been reported, Conservative Political Commentator Bay Buchanan is a real estate agent.

That’s right. Her LinkedIn pals have received the official update that the 64-year-old political media surrogate for Mitt Romney‘s presidential campaign is now an agent with McEnearney Associates. She works out of the company’s McLean, Va. office.

But what they may not know is why she has left her broader career of political commentating. “No, I won’t be doing commentating for awhile,” Buchanan told FishbowlDC today by phone from her new office. “I’m not opposed to coming back at some stage.”

But she’s not anticipating a return anytime soon. After being a surrogate and advisor to Romney’s presidential campaign, she says she’s done with it. It, being the media. “It’s gotten to the point where I think it’s meaner and nastier than its ever been,” she says with a bit of disgust in her voice. “It goes to personal attacks very quickly. Just decided it doesn’t promote the common good if you like. When I am there on behalf of someone or a cause, I will do it. But I’m not interested in doing it for the sake of having my face on television. I don’t want to wake up angry every morning. It’s no way to live.”

To be sure, Buchanan’s life and career has taken interesting twists and turns. She was Treasurer in the presidential primaries of the late President Ronald Reagan. She also appeared regularly on CNN’s “Inside Politics,” was a commentator for The Situation Room and was co-anchor of Equal Time on CNBC and MSNBC. Her brother is, of course, Pat Buchanan, the conservative commentator who was canned from MSNBC last year.

So why real estate?

Buchanan said she always wanted to have property she could rent or turn over. She really had no intention of going into this field, but when Romney lost, she said she never planned on working in his administration and it really made her focus. “I thought, I have one career in me,” she said. “I couldn’t be happier.”

Buchanan says it isn’t easy. She spent the month of December in classes and the agency has her back in classes to learn more. “It’s tough because I’ve been doing politics for so many years,” she said. “I love learning. They have me back in school and I love it. It’s a challenge, but it’s invigorating. What more could you ask for at this age?”