This Fake News Site Really Is Batty

Crock that spans continents.

When does a $59 million media acquisition fly completely under the radar? When that acquisition is completely made up.

Still, we’ll give the folks at The Batty Post credit for playful inventiveness. Both the recent item about being acquired by Shanghai-headquartered East Asia Tribune and the site’s About section are fully committed to mirth. From the latter:

The Battys decided [in 1918] it was time to introduce their only child, Eliza Batty, into the family business, and she was the first finance correspondent for the paper, based in New York City.

Eliza was interviewing the boss of the New York Stock Exchange on a Tuesday in October 1929 when her notepad accidentally hit a lever in the control room, triggering all the stocks to be sold short.

It gets Batty-er; here’s the last paragraph from the About section:

In 1984, Eliza Batty and Cuthbert Flake Jr. were tragically killed in a canning accident at the Batty Bay Tuna Works. The exact details of the incident have never been released, although there was a great special on seafood that year at the Batty Bay Grocery Store. [Son] Frank took over as Chief Editor following the tragic demise of his parents and retains that position to this day.

Why and how did we come to this site, which by the way uses a “B” logo that looks very much like the one favored by the Boston Globe? It’s because of a recent three-part series published by the Tribune, allegedly authored by the bravest undercover journalist to ever visit Pyongyang.

There is a discussion in progress on Quora about the East Asia Tribune. There’s some good sleuthing shared there about the Tribune’s listed Shanghai address, and more. Another clue, at the Batty end, as to the nature of these amalgamated operations is the fact that several of the individuals mentioned in the About section have names than when abbreviated to their initials, spell out things like KNOB and FIB.

P.S. A certain amount of real-news items can be found as well on the East Asia Tribune.

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