Battling to Build in NY, Walmart Takes Out Ads on Radio Stations, Newspapers

As Walmart looks to crash the five boroughs with a superstore in East New York, City Council members have been vocal in their displeasure for the company.

Now Walmart is taking to the streets–by way of radio.

Walmart paid for ads that ran on 14 stations Monday. Area newspapers also were targeted. Crain’s New York reports the ads went after “special interest groups for pressuring the City Council to derail its efforts to open shop in the city.”

The ad asks, “Turn down new jobs and stop people from paying lower prices to satisfy some special interest? That’s everything people hate about politics.”

Readers and listeners were then encouraged to click on for more information.   

The City Council hearing is set for tomorrow (weather permitting) and NY1 reports Walmart executives are planning to boycott it.