Barry Diller Embraces His Inner Geek


The news that media mogul Barry Diller was going in for the gaming market was bit of a surprise. Sure, Sumner Redstone and MTV are pouring $500 million into videogame development, but still. This is Barry ”Mr. Diane von Furstenberg” Diller we’re talking about; this is BarryHollywoodDiller we’re talking about; this is Barry ”Collabo with Gehry” Diller we’re talking about.

Home Shopping Network notwithstanding — and we’re not so sure how long Diller will linger in that particular ghetto — Barry strikes us as way too cool to get into ”the gaming business” (Averted Gaze). Rick Aristotle Munarriz writes in Motley Fool in a post called ”Diller Speaks Geek”:

”So what is Diller doing with an indie game publisher? Well, the two companies will now be teaming up to launch, a website dedicated to rolling out Web-based games.

”…IAC owns sites including and the social-event-planning, which draw from the same target audiences that gamers come from. If it is able to redirect its community members toward the networked multiplayer games that will begin popping up on Instant Action, it’s an easy way to create your own crowd.”

(image via nyu)