Islands Magazine Still Sharing Those Naked Truths

On the website for Islands magazine, the long arm of Jonah Peretti is everywhere. Four of the six featured slides have that familiar listicle stamp, teasing “15 Reasons to Vacation at Caneel Bay,” “4 Luxury Villas You Should Splurge On” and more.

Then there’s the re-highlighted item “Nude Cruise: A First-Timer’s Top 10 Lessons.” Written for the magazine by Brooke Morton and published last summer, this article will no doubt be evergreen for years to come.

Morton, a freelance writer based in Winter Park, Florida, says on her Twitter profile that “every day brings new adventures.” In this case, the new adventures included attending a Bare Necessities clothing-optional Oscar-themed party as Rose from Titanic and learning about some intriguing demographics:

Of the dozens of couples I met, only one pair shared that going nude was her idea. But get this: After a twosome had become comfortable in a nudist environment, it was her who was hooked. Total body acceptance is something most women don’t get elsewhere.

Isn’t that interesting. Morton went on a nude cruise and wound up at the opposite end of all those Photoshop-ed women’s magazine covers. Even though, at the close of the Islands assignment, Morton writes that she “couldn’t decide if I was relieved or disappointed that I hadn’t been propositioned.” Read the rest of her 2013 gained knowledge here.