Barbara Walters To Receive Lifetime Achievement Emmy|HuffPo Launches Features To Watch Lobbyists, Misery|How Some Mags Are Using Paid Content Well|September Fashion Mags To Be Smaller|

TVNewser: The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences will present Barbara Walters with its Lifetime Achievement Award at the News and Documentary Emmy Awards this September.

Huffington Post: Arianna Huffington announced two new features on her online news Web site: LobbyBlog, which she billed as “an ongoing, consistently refreshed collection of the latest information on lobbying, lobbyists, the politicians whose arms they are twisting, and the tragic impact they are having on the kind of legislation that is passed — or not passed,” and a “work in progress” called The Real Misery Index, which “aims to provide a more accurate gauge of what is happening in the lives of millions of Americans as a result of the ongoing economic hard times.”

minonline: Here’s five examples of paid content that works for magazines, including digital products produced by People, Men’s Health and online-only PC Magazine.

WWD: No shock here: don’t expect this year’s September fashion magazines to be as thick as in years past. However, they’ll still probably be the biggest issue these magazines will see all fall “as most advertisers either scrapped their pre-collection ads that usually run in August to concentrate on September, or will likely run fewer pages — if any — in October, November and December.”

OJR: Journalism professor Larry Atkins takes a look at how journalism programs are faring at universities around the country. Shockingly, more students than ever are eager to jump into the industry, with J-schools seeing an increase in applicants and other schools seeing an uptick in interest in the subject. In addition to expanding programs, many schools are (not surprisingly) increasing their focus on social media while others are hoping for non-profit backing in order to help journalism students replace disappearing local news outlets.