Banks Among Least Social Companies, Survey Says

The banking industry may be one of the least social, according to a new survey by MHP Communications.

Just 16 percent of the banks surveyed have a social media strategy in place. Another 28 percent are “in the early stages” of implementing a strategy, 41 percent are in the process of creating the strategy, and 3 percent of banks looked into social media and then decided not to bother.

SocialMediaInfluence says of the survey, “What’s happening here? We’re six weeks shy of 2012, bankers!”

Clearly, banking is more regulated than other industries, making execs rightfully concerned about what their staff tweet. But ignoring social is something all companies do at their own peril, as this infographic correlating Bank of America public sentiment with stock price clearly shows.

The bank PR or marketing employee who figures out how to do social media right within the regulatory framework that banks must adhere to will win the day, we promise you that.