Bango: 54% of Mobile Web Users Outside US, Europe

Less than half (46%) of mobile Web users are in the US and Europe, according to a new study from Bango. The company, which tracks mobile usage in nearly 200 countries, says this shows how mobile Web traffic is expanding from mature markets in the US and Europe to developing markets such as China and India.

Bango released the findings to show how important it is for brands to make sure the mobile ad network they use can break down targeting by country as well as by operator and device.

A Mobile Marketer report on the study notes that China, with 6% of the mobile Web users, has moved up from 19th place six months ago to 6th place in January. Of all consumers accessing the mobile Web via Bango’s global exchange platform in January, 25% were in the UK. Surprisingly, India beat out the US for the number two spot – 11% versus 10%.


As for tracking the results of their marketing campaigns, Bango lets mobile Web site operators try out the Bango Analytics software for free, says Mobile Marketer.