Bandai Namco Announces Outcast Odyssey for Mobile

outcast odyssey 650

Magic Pixel Games and Bandai Namco have announced Outcast Odyssey, the pair’s upcoming mobile card battle game that takes players to a fantasy world where they’ll explore dungeons and other locations throughout a series of floating islands.

The game promises a combination of RPG-like battles and dungeon crawling, with expected card-collection elements. Players will be able to collect 600 hundred cards in total, hand-drawn by top comic book artists, and can fuse those together to create even more powerful cards and monsters.

As they create and fine-tune their teams, players are encouraged to join a guild to work with their friends, or head into the arena to fight against them. In addition, players will have access to a daily bounties system, which promises some of the game’s most powerful (or at least rarest) cards as rewards.

Outcast Odyssey is expected to release on mobile platforms this fall. The game will be playable in Bandai Namco’s booth at San Diego Comic Con later this month.

Bandai Namco has also announced a partnership with Red Giant Entertainment for the development of additional comic-influenced games.

“We see a great opportunity to build immersive gaming experiences that allow comic fans to be closer to the books they love,” says Tony Colafrancesco, director of business development at Bandai Namco Games America.

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