Ballmer: Yahoo Merger ‘Dead’


As ExtremeTech reports, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said Thursday that while a Yahoo acquisition would have helped their bid to overtake Google in search, any current merger plans are dead.

“Yahoo for us was always a tactic, not a strategy,” Ballmer said during the company’s annual financial analyst meeting, according to the report. “There’s nothing under discussion between the two of us… It didn’t work out; we’re done.”

Microsoft views themselves as an underdog in the Internal portal war with Google—probably rightly so—even if it’s an odd position for a company as large as them to be in. “I think there are really only two companies that have capability and staying power—Microsoft and Google,” Ballmer said. “Despite the fact that they’re the big footprint guy and we’re just the tiny little Microsoft in this one working away, we at least have the wherewithal to remain in the game.”