Badoo Tops Leading Facebook App Gainers by MAU, Joined by Hearts, Connect and Profile Banner

Badoo topped our list of Top 20 Facebook Apps by monthly active users this week by far, although there were several apps for Connect, profile banners, sending hearts or cards to friends, apps in Turkish, video chat, daily horoscope and games. We gather this information from AppData, our tracking service covering growth for apps on Facebook.

Top Gainers This Week

Name MAU Gain Gain,%
1. Badoo45,094,757+2,797,015+7%
2. Profilbanner auf Deutsch1,330,551+902,626+211%
3. @Hearts7,171,505+736,795+11%
4. Profile Banner3,963,054+721,860+22%
5. Give Hearts11,364,707+694,621+7%
6. BandPage by RootMusic17,995,074+604,592+3%
7. Yahoo!11,402,033+565,887+5%
8. Ravenwood Fair10,025,333+547,293+6%
9. Diner Dash930,452+511,875+122%
10. Phrases19,045,470+501,153+3%
11. Okey Oyna539,012+426,343+378%
12. xo Hearts xo943,939+387,350+70%
13. Prosperous New Year To All My Friends 🙂3,362,169+375,496+13%
14. BandooChat2,858,617+373,871+15%
15. iHearts4,685,421+330,935+8%
16. Birthday Cards6,126,227+302,283+5%
17. Okey Plus410,992+300,530+272%
18. TIK TAC TOE1,104,074+291,094+36%
19. Conduit9,007,220+284,614+3%
20. Ninja Saga5,281,928+242,128+5%

Badoo grew by 2.7 million MAU, more than double any other app, although this only represented 7% growth for the app, which counts more than 45 million total. Most of this growth is taking place with non-U.S. users. There were two profile banner apps: one, Profilbanner auf Deutsch, grew by 902,600 MAU and another, Profile Banner, which grew by 721,900. Both take advantage of the latest profile and Page layout to feature an image broken up into smaller pieces that are your profile photos.

Apps that allowed users to send heart images, animations or cards to their Facebook friends were also big. @Hearts grew by 736,800 MAU, Give Hearts grew by 694,600, xo Hearts xo grew by 387,400, Prosperous New Year To All My Friends saw growth of 375,500, iHearts saw a jump of about 331,000 and Birthday Cards grew by 302,300 MAU. On the whole, the apps work the same way, you give permission, then select the card/image/animation you like best, select which friend to send it to and it publishes to their Wall and the news feed.

BandPage by RootMusic grew significantly this week as well, seeing a mostly U.S. increase of 604,600 MAU. There were two Connect apps, Yahoo with 565,900 MAU and Conduit with 284,600. Phrases, which is not available to U.S. users, grew by more than 501,000 MAU, video chat app BandooChat grew by 373,900 MAU, Turkish card game Okey Plus grew by 300,500 MAU and Turkish Okey Oyna horoscope app jumped by 426,300 MAU. The rest of the list was made up of games, which we’ll be covering over on Inside Social Games this morning.