Badoo Makes Dating Sexy Again on This Week’s AppData List of Fastest-Growing Facebook Apps by MAU

Three apps pulled in huge numbers of new users on this week’s AppData list of fastest-growing Facebook apps by monthly active users: CityVille, Badoo and Marketplace. Growth was also significant for a range of other apps and games.

Top Gainers This Week
Name MAU Gain Gain,%
1. CityVille 100,256,070 +3,678,154 +4%
2. Badoo 19,138,845 +2,212,809 +13%
3. Marketplace 16,190,490 +2,112,495 +15%
4. Causes 25,219,707 +900,009 +4%
5. FarmVille 中文版 2,832,729 +823,326 +41%
6. BandPage by RootMusic 13,597,130 +726,436 +6%
7. Prosperous New Year To All My Friends 🙂 15,372,155 +615,990 +4%
8. Farmandia 1,776,561 +567,823 +47%
9. Monster Galaxy 5,503,284 +540,745 +11%
10. Las personas que mas revisan tu perfil 411,075 +410,958 +351,246%
11. GodsWar Online 848,335 +388,094 +84%
12. Komşu Çiftlik 1,909,885 +384,072 +25%
13. It Girl 7,671,328 +362,992 +5%
14. Windows Live Messenger 14,716,742 +353,504 +2%
15. Texas HoldEm Poker 36,337,038 +332,647 +0.92%
16. Friends photomontage 446,737 +328,937 +279%
17. Что твои друзья думают о тебе? 578,964 +310,354 +116%
18. 寵物戰爭 657,795 +300,872 +84%
19. TheFacepad 638,458 +270,708 +74%
20. Likes Likes 1,038,785 +270,148 +35%

Zynga once again gets top billing with CityVille, but the new game’s growth has slowed from over two million new MAU per day to around two hundred thousand. However, Zynga also makes the list with its Chinese-language localization, FarmVille 中文版. Interestingly there are two strong farming games on the list including Farmandia; we look at both a bit more closely this morning at Inside Social Games.

Badoo is the real story, at least among non-game apps. The Hot-or-Not style dating app has taken the title as Facebook’s largest in the category, and the seventh-largest app overall by MAU. The interesting detail is that competitor SNAP Interactive, which has 14 million MAU with Are YOU Interested?, just raised $8.5 million in a venture funding. Watch for the single user acquisition wars to begin.

Marketplace is the third app to grow significantly. The Facebook-sanctioned auction app is now at an all-time MAU high. The flipside of this is that its stickiness is at an all-time low, with just one percent of users returning as daily actives, so its MAU should fall in fairly short order.

Most of the remaining apps are returning. The one most worth pointing out is BandPage by RootMusic, which has picked up again; at this point, the app is Facebook’s clear leader for music pages. That’s a trend that should continue as the company adds features, something it just took on $2.3 million in new funding to do.