Badoo Is Facebook's Fastest Growing Application

Badoo claims the top spot on this week's fastest growing applications list. Question applications are also pretty popular this week, along with page creation tools.

Badoo has continued its ascent begun last Friday, claiming the top spot on this week’s fastest growing applications list. Question applications are also pretty popular this week, along with page creation tools. Read on and if you like what you see here, you’ll love the detailed statistic tool we used to compile this post.

The Week’s Fastest Growing Applications On Facebook

NameDaily Active UsersMonthly Active UsersWeekly Growth
1. Badoo3,095,52033,156,4715,794,887
2. Quotes947,5189,007,3755,710,642
3. Zoosk1,889,78915,724,1744,198,348
4. Monster Galaxy1,406,76118,232,9613,555,769
5. VEVO for Artists447,0179,579,9202,078,923
6. Amor679,1278,369,7021,904,952
7. Fruit Slasher159,9672,714,5431,925,315
8. YouLike321,7403,454,5301,560,244
9. Army Attack651,7044,794,3541,248,009
10. HTML + iframe + FBML = iwipa602,76810,586,6741,073,366
11. FBML Tab Maker232,2053,206,7411,008,882
12. Pieces of Flair257,2133,965,879965,958
13. Friend Matrix157,0453,670,148956,837
14. Cupid497,1838,788,709921,046
15. BranchOut207,9751,406,705912,926
16. Pages +111,2774,970,942901,705
17. Video House491,3341,504,389898,408
18. Tag Friends12,6903,005,683867,874
19. e-Diagnostics212,8034,719,486833,378
20. Zoo World554,1302,835,209815,934


Dating applications make a tremendous impression on this week’s countdown. Following an impressive reappearance last week, Badoo reclaims the top spot with a massive weekly growth total of 5,794,887. Not far behind in third, Zoosk welcomes 4,198,348 new minglers.

YouLike moves a step forward from last Friday to the eighth position; the Italian alternative sees a 1,560,244 increase. Cupid makes its first appearance climbing into the 15th spot as it grows by 921,046 social networkers.


Quotes – previously known as Friends Questions – hangs on to second place, witnessing a 5,710,642 increase. Spanish competitor Amor is knocked back to sixth, seeing a 1,904,952 user increase since last Friday.

Meandering around the back end of our countdown, Tag Friends takes a hard fall to the 19th position; a 867,874 weekly growth increase helps the app continue to linger.


Monster Galaxy‘s 3,555,769 weekly growth total informs us its success is not over yet. The Gaia-developed game’s massive comeback lands it in fourth place. Holding steady in seventh for a second week in a row, Fruit Slasher increases by another 1,925,315 players.

Slipping to ninth this time around, Army Attack has 1,248,009 gamers going off to war. RockYou’s Zoo World rounds out our list as it had 815,934 social networkers building their own animal kingdoms.


Musicians continue to turn toward VEVO for Artists to add videos for an improved social networking presence. The app completes the week with a 2,078,923 weekly growth increase moving it up to the fifth position. With an additional 898,408 viewers tuning in Turkey, Video House has itself a 17th place finish.

Page Building

Iwipa comes in tenth place, nabbing 1,073,366 additional users. Close behind in 11th place, FBML Tab Maker offers stiff competition as its tab views and built total for the week adde 1,008,882.

Pages + makes it known that its not exiting our countdown just yet; the application pushes forward to 16th with a weekly growth total of 901,705.


Recovering from a shaky shift on last week’s list, Pieces of Flair rests comfortably in 12th place with 965,958 adds. On its heals, Friend Matrix designs collages for 956,837 Facebook friends this week.

BranchOut adds a professional spin to the social network. It aims to connect friends, jobs, and potential contacts in a way similar to LinkedIn. The newcomer has a fifteenth place finish, with a 912,926 increase.

We close this week with 833,378 inquisitive minds aiding in e-Diagnostics‘s 18th place finish.

Readers, did you find yourself adding any of the applications mentioned this week?