Bad Press For Medical Mary Jane

1aduceus-lg.jpgToday’s papers provided a couple of shocks: The LA Times tells us Los Angeles is not taxing the hell out of medical marijuana (see LA City Council Has Pot Epiphany, Calls for Taxing It), and the LA Weekly seems to think there are too damn many medical marijuana dispensaries in the city.

The fact that the city isn’t squeezing the hell out of a growth industry in the midst of a recession is baffling. That the local alternative paper thinks this growth industry should be curtailed is downright astonishing.

The LAW article lauds cities like San Francisco for burying their medical marijuana dispensaries in so much bureaucratic red tape that half of the businesses have closed since 2005. It criticizes the opening of new dispensaries despite a temporary moratorium as a “debacle” “unmatched in California” as opposed to local industry finally having a legal, taxable way to meet the public’s large demand. The possibility that more dispensaries might be useful to genuinely ill patients (in the way that so many CVS and Walgreens are to sick patients in need of easy access to medication) is left unexplored.

Frankly we’d rather have medical marijuana dispensaries on every street corner than see any more of our public services slashed while all the revenue from pot sales goes to organized crime, tax free. Also, we like drugs.

Art by Dave Bram, Oregon NORML