Background Knowledge

The fake $100 goes to Atlantic Media Company’s Web Production Manager Elizabeth Reed, who did the best job naming everyone in the below picture.


She writes in:

    Behind the White House graphic at 7:00: Harball stage manager [hidden]
    9:00: Julie Kimbro
    Blue shirt: Sean Roemmich
    Superblond behind Sean: Sarah Bruss
    Brown hair red shirt at 10:00: Leigh Anna Thomure
    12up: Reid Wilson? Yes, looks like his hairline.
    1:00: No clue–too fuzzy. could be alot of us.
    Redhead w/bangs clapping at 2:00: me
    Tall blond behind me: Emily Goodin
    Girl in white mid clap near 3:00: To quote my sources, cause i was all “eh?”: “I don’t know her. But she was everywhere.”

>UPDATE: Not so fast, Reed. We’ve got an edit: That ain’t Emily Goodin as the “tall blonde.” She’s barely above 5 feet. It’s Katherine Lehr. We take the fake $100 back.

>UPDATE 2: More insight into the picture from a reader. “The girl in white at 3 o’clock is, I think, Julie Truesdell of Government Executive.” The guy at 1 o’clock is not Shane Harris.