Bacardi’s Miami Headquarters Building in Jeopardy as Company Moves Out


If you’ve been to Miami recently and happened not to have already imbibed too much of the company’s product, you likely caught a glimpse of Bacardi‘s iconic, mural-wrapped headquarters. They’ve been in the very modern building since the 1960s, but now that they’re preparing to move to a larger, blander structure, locals and architecture buffs alike are starting to grow concerned about how to protect the landmark once the company heads out and another buyer isn’t waiting in the wings to move in. Fortunately, groups have formed to try and figure out how to save it, likely breathing something of a sigh of relief at Florida’s now-dismal housing construction industry, as even just a year ago the building probably would have been demolished mere seconds after the last employee shut off the lights as work began on new condos. But they still have an uphill road to climb. Here’s a bit:

Some hope Bacardi will retain the buildings, and perhaps endow them for use as a cultural center. Others say a nonprofit owner, perhaps a foundation, might be the solution. Still others believe the site retains commercial possibilities because of its location on a resurgent Boulevard and the large lot, which has space for new construction.

The fear among preservationists is what might happen if Bacardi unloads the buildings. Because they are not protected as a historic landmark, nothing would stop an owner from altering them or knocking them down.