Baby Products Company Gives Mom Bloggers Candy in Pill Bottles

Today we learned that a company specializing in baby products tried to promote its name at the recent BlogHer conference by hiding candy in the least acceptable place: pill bottles.


The bottles weren’t real, of course, but they looked real enough to create something of a stir at the event.

The idea behind the promo, which we now know was part of an effort by Bright Starts to direct parents to its “Baby Laugh Index” microsite, was kind of clever–and the bottles were obviously for parents.

Yet the risk is clear in hindsight: by displaying your wares at an event filled with bloggers who also happen to be moms, you’re pretty much guaranteeing that any missteps will be immediately broadcast online. Sure enough, a blogger with 21,000 Twitter followers who attended gave the company a smackdown this afternoon for daring to disguise candy as something that could be very dangerous for kids.

For the record, Bright Starts quickly responded to the writer and clarified that its reps had “immediately stopped passing them out at the booth” once they realized that they’d inspired some confusion.

Great damage control. Still, someone clearly didn’t consider the worst case scenario when planning this promotion.

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