Babak Parviz, Creator of Google Glass, Leaves Google for Amazon

The leader of the Glass project and former director of Google X has left the company to join Amazon.

babak parviz

Babak Parviz, the Googler who led the Google Glass project, has left the company to join Amazon. His last day at the search giant was Friday. Parviz was previously director of Google X, a division dedicated to secret projects including Glass, self-driving cars and wind energy. Parviz also worked on Google Contact Lenses, which aim to help diabetics monitor their glucose levels.

“The primary reason for the move is being excited about what we might accomplish at Amazon,” Parviz told CNET.

The move prompted speculation about what Parviz would be working on in his new role – many believe his focus on optics means he’ll be working Amazon’s new smartphone. According to his Google+ profile, he will be doing “on a few other things now.”

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