AvantGuild: The ATS: Your Evil Nemesis?

On a scale of one to righteous burning anger, most people’s hate for applicant tracking systems falls somewhere on the latter end of the scale.

But since they’re not going away any time soon, it’s best if you learn how to work within the system.

One such tip:

Tailoring your resume for a recruitment site means not just including relevant details, but also excluding extraneous ones. “Applicant tracking systems score resumes based on how relevant they are to individual job openings. Your score may be jeopardized if you list a smorgasbord of skills,” says Mona Abdel-Halim, director of sales and marketing for resume building service Resunate.com.

Computers aren’t as smart as we think they are: an ATS can also be tripped up by a resume with complicated formatting or a question you left blank because it wasn’t relevant. Instead, as much of a pain as it is, fill out everything you can and use simple formats like DOC or TXT.

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