Author Cassandra Clare Mingles With Middle Eastern Fans

Currently at work on her seventh and eighth YA series.

BronzeKeyCoverThere’s a big book fair going on right now in the United Arab Emirates. It runs through Nov. 12 at the country’s first trade center, established in 1977.

The many authors taking part include Cassandra Clare, a former entertainment journalist who has moved on to the much bigger and more lucrative platform of Young Adult fantasy novels. While in the UAE, Clare, whose real name is Judith Rumelt, took part in a Q&A with Simon and Schuster’s Seth Russo and spoke with a reporter for newspaper the Khaleej Times.

In the article, she explains what is essentially a technicality but still a fascinating biographical detail for a New York-based American author. The fact that she was born in Iran:

Her family books are based on real-life setting of New York City and woven into all her six series of fantasy novels are her raw experiences during her family’s constant travel and city-hopping to London, India, France, Switzerland. “I was born to an American professor of International Business in the University of Tehran. My dad kept on moving from one country to another, leaving my birthplace in Iran at a young age of 3,” she recalled.

Clare has vague memories of ladies at the Tehran market pulling her red hair as a child, and says when the time is right, she would love to visit Iran.

She is the author and co-author of six separate YA novel series, with two more on the way. Read the rest of the Khaleej Times interview here.

Jacket cover courtesy: Magisterium