Author Blasts WaPo’s Weingarten; In Return, Scribe Calls Him a P—y


There’s a lot of, shall we say, strong language happening today in Cyberspace. And by strong we mean that WaPo‘s funnyman Gene Weingarten called author Buzz Bissinger (author of Friday Night Lights and former Pulitzer Prize winning writer for The Philadelphia Inquirer) a “flagrant p—y” over Twitter (some words are even too much for FishbowlDC to print outright. We don’t want to shock the grandmothers out there).

Bissinger: “Weingarten should open comedy club — just as long he never introduces acts. Sit in a corner — laugh at his own jokes — just like always.” Bissinger: “Weingarten great journalist. But the last time he was funny was the last time he was funny. Still in dead tree biz–how smart can he be?”

Weingarten: “If @buzzbissinger were half a man, he would follow me so I could direct message him about what a flagrant p—y he is. don’t hold yr breath.”

Think the fight ends there? Nope. The WaPo scribe’s tweets on and on. (Again I’ve left a few letters out of the p-word).

•”Q: Why would a grown man call himself “Buzz”? A: Bee cause he’s a p—y.”

•”And no, I was not talking about Buzz Aldrin, who has an excuse, inasmuch as his first name is Edwin. I’m talking about the p—y.”

And finally, this:

Weingarten: Ok, what one tweet would lose the most followers immediately? How about “Anyone else find toddlers kinda hot?”

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