AT&T Resumes New York iPhone Sales

As iphone3gs1.jpgmysteriously as they vanished, iPhones have returned. AT&T resumed selling them to New Yorkers via its website by the end of the day yesterday after reports stated that customers with NY zip codes were unable to order the phones. While no one seems to have been able to get a clear answer from AT&T as to what happened, there was speculation that the service provider was either trying to head off a fraud issue or decrease demand on its already strained NY data coverage.

Here’s more on the story from Mashable: “AT&T’s decision to resume iPhone sales in the NYC area likely means one of two things: Either the company solved the fraud problem or (more likely) it wanted to get out of the negatively cast spotlight.”

AT&T has been taking a lot of heat for poor iPhone service in New York and other major cities. The odd move of making the phones unavailable to online customers without explanation has done nothing to reassure iPhone users.