AT&T, NTT Join Undersea Cable Consortium


Call it the very-not-wireless network. CNET News reports that AT&T, the largest phone company in the U.S., and Japan’s NTT said Tuesday that they joined an international consortium to build a new undersea network underneath the Pacific Ocean.

As more businesses expand internationally, phone companies such as AT&T are trying to diversify their networks to keep up with growing demand, the article said. AT&T said it was “joining the effort to build the new Trans-Pacific Express network to help stabilize the Internet and its voice services.”

Verizon, China Telecom, China Netcom, China Unicom, Korea Telecom and Chungwa Telecom in Taiwan all formed this consortium 15 months ago. The report said that a China-U.S. route is scheduled to be completed by August 2008 before the Summer Olympic Games in Beijing begin, according to Verizon. This is great and all, but when will we be able to watch TV on our phones without it breaking up and rebuffering every 15 seconds?

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