AT&T Mobile to Sponsor Warped Tour

AT&T_Warped_Tour.jpgThis year, MediaPost reports that AT&T will be the official sponsor of the Warped Tour, in order to promote the carrier’s various mobile efforts:

“AT&T will run a series of grass roots promotions and events at concert venues. It will run, among other things, an AT&T Signing Stage where bands signed to the tour will hold forth for autograph sessions.”

The report said that the carrier will also feature AT&T Drop Inn, a lounge area with kiosks where AT&T customers can hang and try out AT&T products. Subscribers will be able to modify their cell phones with new photo applications and the mobile version of Guitar Hero.

The Warped Tour first launched in 1994 as a “paradise of indie rock and skateboard pipes,” the report said. But in recent years, larger brands have taken to sponsoring the tour, including GM, Kia, and Coke.