AT&T Mobile to Any Mobile Unlimited Minutes Plan: Just a Marketing GImmick?

Here’s an interesting marketing gimmick from AT&T to try to part with $20 per month.

AT&T Introduces Unlimited Calling to Any Mobile Number

Here’s how it works. In order to the Mobile to Any Mobile service, you need to subscribe to the $20 per month unlimited messaging (text messaging) plan. The question is, who really needs unlimited calling to any mobile number? If you have, for example, the $40 per month 450 minutes plan, you would need to make 15 minutes of voice calls everyday for 30 days to use up all those minutes. It would cost you $30 to move up to the unlimited minutes plan ($70 per month). So, the $20 text messaging addition might make sense even though the $70 unlimited plan is not just limited to other mobile phones. However, if you have the 900 minute plan, you would have to spend 30 minutes per day on the phone to use up all the minutes. This plan costs $60 per month. So, it is only another $10 jump to the unlimited plan. This means that the text messaging option is not economical unless you really need unlimited texting too.

450 minutes per month is more than enough for me. And, Google Voice already provides unlimited texting. So, I’m not a candidate for this marketing gimmick.