AT&T Launching a Snapchat Show

Do you even know how to use Snapchat?

It was only a few days ago that we were asking whether it’s time to invest a little more time and thought into Snapchat and it looks like we’re quickly getting the answer.

AT&T is using the platform to launch a show called “SnapperHero,” a superhero program that will be cast from Internet celebrities. The episodes (12 of them) will run a couple of minutes and be available for 24 hours after it’s posted on the platform’s new “Discover” tab. And once it’s gone, it’s gone.

“What we are most excited about is that connection between creator and fan, and that phenomenon of call and response,” said Liz Nixon, engagement director for AT&T tells VarietyCastmembers include Harley Morenstein, host of “Epic Meal Time” on YouTube and comedian Jasmeet Singh, aka JusReign. Fans will choose costumes and other elements of the show.

Variety categorizes it as another move from AT&T in its attempts to get people to jump on to new communication methods.

As the offerings on Snapchat grow, it will be important for brands — and their marketers — to come up with some strategies for effectively using the platform. With 200 million users, it’s big. But, as Slate points out, it can really quickly make you feel really out of touch. Even if you’re a tech writer. One, 26-year-old Alex Fitzpatrick, asked whether the platform was hard to use or has a confusing user interface.

While leaving room for the fact that Snapchat could be more user-friendly, Slate suggests it might just be that some folks are too used to Facebook, Twitter and other social media to learn some new habits.

So if you are going to use Snapchat for your campaign and you plan on targeting someone older than, say, 25, be prepared to walk novice users through the system so they’ll understand how to take full advantage of what you’re offering. It’s always important to educate the audience about what you’re doing. But when digital gets involved. Frustrated visitors don’t stick around.