The Atlantic Dabbles In Book Industry

The Atlantic’s latest endeavor, a book of reader photos collected by blogger Andrew Sullivan, combined some of the latest buzzwords in publishing: print-on-demand, reader-generated content.
Results of the experiment are in: More than 1,100 readers pledged to buy the book The View from Your Window, helping reduce the book’s cost by about 50 percent to $16.25 from the regular price of $29.95.
The book will hardly be a big moneymaker, but Atlantic vp, publisher Jay Lauf said it allowed The Atlantic to try out a new publishing model and engage its audience in a new way.
“It fits with a strategy of constantly experimenting,” he said. “In this case, it’s using the Web, crowdsourcing, printing on demand, getting more content out there.”
In another recent experiment, The Atlantic recently used HP’s custom-publishing service MagCloud to produce a special issue containing articles from the magazine’s 151-year history that represent unconventional thinking. The 60-page issue is sold for $6.
The magazine also is launching new online properties including Atlantic Wire, an aggregator of news and opinion from around the Web; and is developing a business news Web site.