At Guggenheim, Hesse Is More

hesse 1969.jpgIt’s that time again: the Guggenheim Museum’s annual Hilla Rebay lecture approaches! This year’s fun-filled evening of theory, criticism, and art history takes place on Tuesday, September 9, and will delve into the secret world of artist Eva Hesse (pictured at left, in her Bowery studio in 1969) as Briony Fer of University College, London takes a fresh look at the “Test Pieces” Hesse created throughout her career. Fer renames these small, experimental studioworks—made out of everything from latex and cheesecloth to mesh and masking tape—”sub-objects,” arguing that they reveal the fundmental logic of Hesse’s work. According to the Guggenheim, the lecture will provide a look at previously unknown works by Hesse and demonstrate “how the artist’s experimental approach to artmaking was inextricably bound with the recycling of residual and discarded remnants of her studio world.” All that and sustainability too? More proof that Hesse was ahead of her time.