Asus Netbook Roadmap: Same Old Processors, 802.11n standard, XP Lives On published what they believe is Asus Eee PC netbook roadmap…

ASUS Eee PC Netbook Roadmap Revealed

The articles bullet point list does a good job of teasing out various details. So, here’s my take on a few observations with my own twist:

– I’m disappointed to see the older Atom N270 and Z520 processors in netbooks set to be introduced in the 4th quarter. I think it is time to retire the N270.

– The 1201N (12 inch ION powered system), 1005HA-P an 1005HA-N set to be introduced in the 4th quarter all have 250GB drives. This exceeds Microsoft’s 160GB size threshold for being licensed as netbooks. Or, it might indicate that Microsoft is planning to change the hard disk size threshold.

– All models include 802.11n WiFi support. Previous Eee PC models had a hodgepodge of offerings. For example, the 1000H I bought in August 2008 provided 802.11n support by the 1000HA I bought in January 2009 did not.

– It looks like the T91A with multi-touch support is being renamed T91MT (MT = multi-touch). That makes sense.

– Windows XP is shown as being the default operating system until the end of the calendar year. This is after Windows 7′ October 22 release. Windows XP will live forever, it seems.